About URAG

The Ukraine Rebuilding Action Group (URAG) is established by the American Planning Association International Division under its Humanitarian Planning Committee. As a volunteer-based organization, the URAG's task is to develop and facilitate projects and programs to assist Ukrainian rebuilding through networking, capacity building, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

The American Planning Association International Division is committed to assist to Ukraine in its recovery in collaboration with Ukrainian planners, architects, builders, government officials, and community members.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014 and a full-scale military assault in 2022 have a catastrophic impact on Ukraine's cities. However, post-war reconstruction provides opportunities to make Ukraine more modern and competitive than before. Well planned and carried through, reconstruction will ensure a brighter and stronger future for Ukraine.

The Start

The URAG started with the session "Brainstorming Ukraine's Post-War Reconstruction" during the 2022 National Planning Conference in San Diego. The session inspired speakers to develop a team of planners to explore the potential to provide planning assistance to Ukraine for post-war recovery. Later, the team developed into the Ukraine Rebuild Action Group.

Currently, the URAG consists of a team of core members led by Tim Van Epp, FAICP, PP, and over 60 other APA members, international planners, and officials who have expressed interest in supporting the group.

APA National Planning Conference, San Diego. May 2, 2022

URAG Core Members

Tim Van Epp (Chair)

Lyndsey Deaton

Oleksandr Dovbnia

Kellie Dziedzic

Nathan Goldberg

Nathan Hutson

Michael Kolber

Irene Navis

Krishna Shrivastava

Jing Zhang